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Our Mission

To provide highly customized, groundbreaking technology solutions that further our customers' business goals and objectives. To be elemental in the "Idea Cycle" – from Vision, to Design, to Development, to Implementation. To be responsive. To "Get It Done." To experience continued growth and profitability while providing rewarding and forward thinking careers..

Our motto:

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!

Three Core Principles

Our Approach to Custom Software Development:

At Rich Soft Technologies, it’s not enough to simply complete a custom software development project. Our goal is successful system implementation. After all, if your company doesn’t learn, embrace and use the new software, you’ve wasted your money. With our implementation success rate of more than 99%, your project will succeed! 99 Percent Our software development teams are specifically structured to ensure success. Each position – from project managers to business analysts, system architects, quality assurance, software support, systems integrators, and software & UI developers – has a specific role in the successful implementation of your system.

How Can Software Help My Business?

Business software can make drastic improvements in many areas of business. It can improve efficiency by streaml ining day to day business operations and identifying areas where you can increase productivity, standardize business practices and automate tedious tasks. Many companies operate based on the structure and limitations of the software they use, running their business in ways they know are inefficient because their current software forces them to use those specific processes. Unfortunately, many business owners don't realize it can be fixed – they simply live with inefficiency and assume that's the way it is.