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Is your website server using a Windows or Linux operating system? Rich Soft Software products provide the most effective solutions to your computer technology issues. Linux has allowed so many amazing companies to offer their products and services at little to no cost. It has also birthed a major swing in how businesses run their operations with the concepts of the cloud or as it used to be referred to software-as-a-service (SAAS). Either way, Linux has had a major hand in lowering the total cost of ownership for your startups as well as legacy businesses who are converting over to this new type of architecture.


Over the last few years there have been a handful of companies that have begun to use Linux to offer an entire software package to assist small business owners in running an online ecommerce website.Get a custom made Linux Software as per your requirements easily and quickly. We develop Linux Software Applications on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Linux and test it on various Linux Distros. In order to get a free quote for creating a Linux Application as per your requirements, please do send us an email containing what all the custom made Linux Software is supposed to do and target bit version of Linux. Once we receive your requirements, we evaluate your linux software requirements and revert back to you with free quote. You can even give us a call at number mentioned in the contact us page of this website.p>

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Our software development services for Linux and Unix-based operation systems include:

  • Creating applications for Linux O/s of Any make.
  • Enterprise-grade server solutions of any complexity on any version of Linux platform
  • Applications GUI development for Linux and Unix Applications
  • Embedded Linux Applications Porting and Unix development of any complexity
  • Network Socket programming and Client Server Applications
  • Linux to Windows or Vice Versa Applications Porting
  • Linux Virtualization Applications development
  • Development of Custom Server Management Software and Tools


In a business strategy the combination of embedded and Internet is an important factor. Linux is suited for both worlds and thus fits nicely in the overall strategy. Making money in the Open Source Software world is all about providing services. The Linux distributors sell support and knowledge. Creating yet another tailored distribution is not wise, instead tapping into existing efforts will leverage the most out of Open Source Development in your business.Along with Custom Software Development Services for Linux, Windows, Macintosh and for Android, we also provide other Software Related Services. You can also avail our other software related services such as adding new features to existing applications, bug fixing, porting applications to new versions of Operating System, Software Testing, and almost any other Software Service..